Flexible solutions such as cooling hose on the plumbing area.
We cut the length of the fix as desired and can mount a wide range of fittings

Boiler and heat pump hose

Boiler and heat pump hose

Extruded EPDM rubber hose with stainless steel enclosure

General Features:

Resilient to cold and hot water, and glycol based coolant

Silicone Cooling Hose

Silicone Cooling Hose

Available in 1 meter length or as 90 ° bends with 152 mm. leg length.

However, can be delivered in special dimensions.

TYGON® Hoses at BS Specialslanger A/S dealer

High quality application-specific hoses for industrial, chemical, food, laboratory and pharmaceutical applications.
Platinum hardened silicone hose for biotechnology ......

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