Flexible solutions such as cooling hose on the plumbing area.
We cut the length of the fix as desired and can mount a wide range of fittings

Boiler and heat pump hose

Boiler and heat pump hose

Extruded EPDM rubber hose with stainless steel enclosure

General Features:

Resilient to cold and hot water, and glycol based coolant

Silicone Cooling Hose

Silicone Cooling Hose

Available in 1 meter length or as 90 ° bends with 152 mm. leg length.

However, can be delivered in special dimensions.

TYGON® Hoses at BS Specialslanger A/S dealer

High quality application-specific hoses for industrial, chemical, food, laboratory and pharmaceutical applications.
Platinum hardened silicone hose for biotechnology ......

Terms and Conditions

Sales Terms for BSSP


Due to rising costs of raw material, we are forced to raise our prices by 15% pr. 1/5 2022 on steel bellows hoses.

Pr. 1. january 2022, our prices generally increase by 8-12%. Silicone hose increases by 18-20%, due to rising raw material prices from our suppliers.