Our PTFE hoses are considered to be some of the best Teflon tubes for use in pharmaceutical, biochemical, food and process / chemical fields.
The hoses are manufactured according to Ec 1935/2004 and can be supplied with 21cfr177 fda declaration and usp we class approval.

Bioflex PTFE hose

Bioflex PTFE hose

Inner smooth PTFE hose with AISI 304 stainless steel.

Also available in antistatic version. Exterior of the wrap can be fitted with silicone or EPDM.

Pharmaline PTFE hose

Pharmaline PTFE hose

Inner smooth PTFE hose with AISI 304 stainless steel. Exterior cover of white silicone rubber.

Extremely flexible and easy to clean.

Clutches for Pharma hoses

Clutches for Pharma hoses

In the pharmaceutical industry used mostly Triclover clutches, but there are also many other possibilities such. DIN 11851 fittings, flange connections or common thread fittings.

The material is SS 316 steel, possibly with 3.1 material certificate.

Some types are also available with PTFE coated.

TYGON® Hoses at BS Specialslanger A/S dealer

High quality application-specific hoses for industrial, chemical, food, laboratory and pharmaceutical applications.
Platinum hardened silicone hose for biotechnology ......

Terms and Conditions

Sales Terms for BSSP


Due to rising costs of raw material, we are forced to raise our prices by 15% pr. 1/5 2022 on steel bellows hoses.

Pr. 1. january 2022, our prices generally increase by 8-12%. Silicone hose increases by 18-20%, due to rising raw material prices from our suppliers.