Kemisk doserings slange

Features and Benefits

  • Lang levetid i peristaltiske pumper
  • Temperaturområde på -75 ° F til 165 ° F
  • Overlegen kemikaliebestandighed
  • Blødgøringsfri bore
  • Opfylder FDA-kriterier for fødevarekontakt
  • Modstår absorption / adsorption af vandige væsker
  • Praktisk talt upåvirket af kemiske sanitiserende og rengøringsmidler

Applications in industry:

Specially formulated for chemical dispensing, Tygon A-60-G tubing outperforms neoprene, EPDM and other general-purpose tubing in test after test, application after application. It will not weaken or crack after years of exposure to heat and ozone, providing longer peristaltic pump life in industrial and institutional cleaning-chemical dispensing applications.

Engineered for outstanding performance and on-the-job reliability, Tygon A-60-G tubing handles temperatures ranging from -75°F (-60°C) to 275°F (135°C), allowing the use of one material within a broad range of temperatures. It is heat sealable and can be joined without fittings. It also offers excellent resistance to inorganic fluids (acids and bases).

Tygon A-60-G tubing is available in standard vacuum sizes that will withstand a full vacuum (29.9” [759 mm] of mercury) at 73°F (23°C). Unlike typical rubber vacuum tubing, Tygon® tubing resists the cracking and aging that are frequent causes of vacuum tubing failure.

Typical Applications

  • Dispensering af sæbe og vaskemiddel
  • Kommerciel vaskekemisk dispensering
  • Kemisk dispensering af opvaskemiddel
  • Rengøring af kemisk dispensering
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